Finding it difficult to balance work and your personal life.  Feeling your worry is out of control.  Feeling overwhelmed by stress and life’s challenges.  Feeling so sad that you find it difficult to enjoy life.  Struggling to sleep at night.  Experiencing conflict with people or feeling lonely because you can’t connect.  Feeling self-conscious or self-critical.  Struggling to determine what career path to follow or how to bring more meaning into your life.  Questioning who you are.  Feeling torn between the different cultures you interact with.  Missing someone you have loved and lost.  Dealing with infertility or becoming a new parent.

These experiences are a normal part of being human, but they can be painful and challenging.  Seeking support when faced with these difficult situations can be an intimidating process.  People often feel their lives are too busy, that there is too much stigma around getting help, or that the process of therapy might be stressful.

But by seeking support, you can experience relief and positive change.  You can reduce your distress while also enriching your life with better understanding of yourself and others.  You can gain tools for facing the life challenges that lie ahead.

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I feel very lucky to be able to accompany my clients as they work towards change and growth.  I provide a comfortable and safe space where all aspects of life can be discussed.  Please explore this site, and if you feel that I may be a match for your needs, I would be honored to start this journey with you.

Lindsay Shortliffe, Psy.D.

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