My Approach

I strive first to get to know you and understand what you need or want from the work we will do together.  Each person’s needs are different, as we all have different personal values and goals that guide our lives.  Instead of having one approach that I use with everyone, I draw from a wide range of techniques to tailor the work we do to your specific needs.

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I aim to be warm and non-judgmental, while being direct and open to challenging you to examine new perspectives.  I use a variety of therapies that have been supported by research and draw on cognitive behavioral, interpersonal,  acceptance and compassion based techniques.  With these tools, I can help you to reduce symptoms, recognize and understand patterns in your life, improve relationships, and improve the ability to accomplish your personal or professional goals.


I have worked with a broad range of client concerns, including:

Fear, worry, nervousness, panic, stress

Mood Disorders
Depression, sadness, irritability, mood swings

Marriage or Couples Counseling
Communications skills, working through conflict, infidelity, premarital counseling

Interpersonal Challenges
Shyness, social anxiety, difficulty forming relationships, current conflicts in relationships, learning to assert yourself, difficulty with dating

Life/Executive Coaching
Finding balance between work and your personal life; connecting with your sense of self; who you are; clarifying personal beliefs, values, and goals

Multicultural Concerns
Immigrant experiences, minority experiences, bicultural/biracial experiences, intercultural couples, reactions to experiences with discrimination

Grief or Loss
Bereavement, divorce, break-ups

Exploring sexual identity, challenges in intimate relationships

Developmental Concerns
Life changes, role changes, career planning, young adult stressors, changes in independence and autonomy

Increasing ability to find meaning, feel positive emotions, and engage in a healthy lifestyle.