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Ten Tips For Better Sleep

For some people, going to bed in the evening is a pleasant and natural part of their day.  They curl… more →

Weakness or Strength

It can be very difficult to seek help, especially when many people fear that they will be judged negatively, or… more →

Do You Have A Healthy Relationship With Technology?

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The First Therapy Session – What To Expect

If you have scheduled a first session with a psychologist, you have already had to jump over a number of… more →

“It’s Not That Bad…”

People often wonder whether what they are experiencing is severe enough to warrant professional attention. I would urge them to… more →

This is Your Brain on Love

Check out this interesting article by Diane Ackerman in the New York Times entitled, “The Brain on Love” (find it… more →

I Have Friends & Family…Why Should I Talk to a Psychologist?

Talking to friends and family in times of difficulty can be incredibly helpful. Often they can provide support to help… more →

It’s Just a Little Stress…

In January, the American Psychological Association released a report on “Stress in America.”  They have been conducting annual surveys to… more →

An Exercise in Gratitude

Do you tend to focus on and notice the things that go wrong during your day?  Many people find that… more →

Are you analyzing me right now?

 “So, you are a psychologist, huh?  What do you really do?  What kind of people do you work with?”  “… more →